Scope of Cover

This policy covers claims brought against the insured due their Professional negligence by reason of any:

  • Negligent Act
  • Error
  • Omission

whether committed or alleged to have been committed.

This insurance is normally taken up by professionals such as Engineers, Architects, Lawyers, Doctors, Accountant,  Company Secretary, Property Managers.

Under this class of insurance not all insurance company has the capacity to underwrite such risks. The Company will indemnify the Insured up to but not exceeding in the aggregate for any sum or sums which the insured as a result of conducting the Insured Profession shall become legally liable to pay as damages to Loss caused by an incident which takes place in the Coverage Territory after the Retroactive Date as stated in the policy Schedule.

This Insurance applies to an incident only if a Claim for damages arising therefrom is first made in writing against any insured during the policy period.

In addition to damages to which this insurance applies the Company will indemnify the Insured for those sums which the Insured shall pay as Claims Expenses with respect to any claim seeking such damages.

The Limits of Liability are inclusive of claims expenses and therefore Limits of Liability available for damages shall be reduced by any amount that the Company pays to indemnify the Claims Expenses.

It covers only the rendering of professional services in conducting the profession but does not include the rendering of any service not customarily regularly conducted in such profession.



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