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Master the PMP® and CAPM Certification Exam using the unique COMBO approach!

This COMBO course is designed to prepare candidates with greater confidence to pass the PMI®’s (Project Management Institute of USA – www.pmi.org) PMP® (Project Management Professional) Exam, which is obligatory for getting the world’s most respected and globally recognized PMP® credential for certified professional Project Managers. The PMP® Exam is largely based on the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) 6th Edition which is adopted as an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard.

The COMBO approach adopts a unique combination of 5- day face-to-face classroom training and 24X7 on-line E- learning. The classroom training will focus on the latest PMBOK® Guide, and other areas not specifically covered by the Guide, practice exercises and quizzes, and study test-taking tips using PMI® terminology.

The level of understanding in learning and memorization is further enhanced by the follow-up self-paced audio-video on-line E-learning which will provide repeatable revision on all lectures and numerous practice exam questions and answers. You will earn 35 PMI contact hours upon completion of COMBO classroom and all the E-learning modules from an authorized PMI Global Registered Education Provider, sufficient for you to apply to PMI to qualify to sit for the PMP Exam.


  • PMP® credential is the profession's most prestigious and internationally recognized credential for certified professional Project Managers.
  • Demonstrate that you have a solid foundation of project management knowledge that can be readily applied in the workplace, and as a result you are able to command respect and a higher
  • Gives you a competitive edge in enhancing your career and promotion


 Instructor led course by experienced PMP instructor

  • Satisfy 35 contact hours required by PMI
  • Focus on preparation to take the updated PMP Exam
  • Understand the entire PMBOK®) Guide, Sixth Edition, PMBOK terms, definitions, five Process Groups, ten Knowledge Areas, plus the area of Professional and Social Responsibility
  • Course discussions with the instructor and peers
  • Printed course manuals, study guide, exercises, quizzes and practice test questions covering very chapter of the PMBOK Guide
  • Over 35 hours of Videos of all concepts, formulae, theories and project management practice
  • 24X7 Web and Mobile access to E-learning
  • Flashcards of every term used in the PMBOK Guide
  • Master test-taking techniques
  • Learn styles and types of questions found on the PMP or CAPM exams
  • Over 600 practice questions and quizzes, including a 200- PMP practice exam questions and answers
  • 3 months of free post-training consultation


Any project practitioners, project leaders, project coordinators, project managers, project analysts, senior project managers, consultants, contractors, product managers, project directors, program managers, project sponsors, project stakeholders, and project team members in any industry with minimum 3 years working experience.

Participants should visit the certification section of the PMI website (www.pmi.org) to check on the prerequisites and eligibility criteria and consider on-line application for the exam before the course begins.


  1. Preliminaries
    • Overview of Project Management
    • Objective of PMP Exam Prep COMBO
    • PMP and CAPM Exam Requirements
    • Exam Questions
    • Maintaining Certification
    • Exam-Taking Tips
    • Pre-Test
    • E-Learning Briefing 
  1. Introduction
  • Project Management Concepts
  • PM Definitions
  • What is Portfolio, Program?
  • Difference between Project and Operation
  • Project Life Cycle
  • PM Process Groups & Knowledge Areas
  • PM Business Documents
  • Project Constraints
  • Practice Test 
  1. Project Environment
    • Enterprise Environmental Factors
    • Organizational Process Assets
    • Organizational Systems and Structure
    • Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility
    • Practice Test 
  1. The Role of the Project Manager
    • The PM’s Sphere of Influence
    • PM Competencies / PMI Talent Triangle
    • Performing Integration
    • Practice Exercises / Practice Test 
  1. Project Integration Management
    • Overview of Project Integration Management
    • Develop Project Charter
    • Develop Project Management Plan
    • Direct and Manage Project Work
    • Manage Project Knowledge
    • Monitor and Control Project Work
    • Perform Integrated Change Control
    • Close Project or Phase
    • Practice Exercises / Practice Test 
  1. Project Scope Management
    • Overview of Project Scope Management
    • Plan Scope Management
    • Collect Requirements
    • Define Scope
    • Create WBS
    • Validate Scope
    • Control Scope
    • Practice Exercises / Practice Test 
  1. Project Schedule Management
    • Overview of Project Schedule Management
    • Plan Schedule Management
    • Define Activities
    • Sequence Activities
    • Estimate Activity Duration
    • Develop Schedule
    • Control Schedule
    • Practice Exercises / Practice Test 
  1. Project Cost Management
  • Overview of Project Cost Management
  • Plan Cost Management
  • Estimate Costs
  • Determine Budget
  • Control Costs
  • Practice Exercises / Practice Test 
  1. Project Quality Management
  • Overview of Project Quality Management
  • Plan Quality Management
  • Manage Quality
  • Control Quality
  • Practice Exercises / Practice Test 
  1. Project Resource Management
  • Overview of Project Resource Management
  • Plan Resource Management
  • Estimate Activity Resources
  • Acquire Resources
  • Develop Team
  • Manage Team
  • Control Resources
  • Practice Exercises / Practice Test 
  1. Project Communications Management
  • Overview of Project Communications Management
  • Plan Communications Management
  • Manage Communications
  • Monitor Communications
  • Practice Exercises / Practice Test 
  1. Project Risk Management
  • Overview of Project Risk Management
  • Plan Risk Management
  • Identify Risks
  • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Plan Risk Response
  • Implement Risk Resources
  • Monitor Risks
  • Practice Exercises / Practice Test 
  1. Project Procurement Management
  • Overview of Project Procurement Management
  • Plan Procurement Management
  • Conduct Procurements
  • Control Procurements
  • Practice Exercises / Practice Test 
  1. Project Stakeholder Management
  • Overview of Stakeholder Management
  • Identify Stakeholders
  • Plan Stakeholder Engagement
  • Manage Stakeholder Engagement
  • Monitor Stakeholder Engagement
  • Practice Exercises / Practice Test 
  1. Simulated Practice Exam (2-4 hours)
  2. The NEXT Step / E-Learning Briefing


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