The basic cover of Fire Insurance’s Policy covers:-

  • Loss or damage to your buildings or contents due to:
    • Fire (means actual ignition under accidental and fortuitous circumstances to the property insured.)
    • Lightning (means any damage caused by Lightning whether ignition result or not is covered)
    • Explosion caused by gas used for domestic purposes(means that explosion of gas used for Illuminating or domestic purposes in any building does not form part of any gas works.)

Extensions – (with additional premium)

  • Special Perils
    • Riot, Strike & Malicious Damage
    • Earthquake & Volcanic Eruption
    • Flood
    • Explosion
      • Industrial
      • Non-Industrial
    • Impact
      • Excluding own vehicles
      • Including own vehicles
  • Additional Coverage
    • Loss of Rent
      Loss of rent consequent upon damage caused by fire or any other perils insured which renders the insured’s building or any part thereof unfit for occupation.
    • Removal of Debris
      The cost necessarily incurred in the removal of debris and/or dismantling, demolishing, shoring up or propping of the property insured following loss or damage by way of the perils insured.
    • Professional Fees, Architect’s, Surveyor’s and Consultant’s Fees
      The professional fees for estimates, plans, specifications, quantities, tenders, supervision necessarily incurred consequent upon destruction or damage by fire or any other insured perils insured. However, the fees incurred for preparing any claims are excluded and not covered.


  • War & Civil Commotion
  • Radioactive Contamination
  • Collapse of buildings
  • Loss of Theft during or after occurrence of the Fire
  • Arson by the Insured
  • Perils as outlined (unless policy is extended and additional Premium has been paid.)



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