Problem Solving and Decision Making

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Course Content

Focus on the Problem

  • Understand the Fundamental Problem-Solving Process
  • Define the Problem

Find the True Cause and Eradicate the Problem

  • Generate Facts
  • Generate, Clarity and Discuss Causes
  • Select the Most Likely Causes and Verify the Causes
  • Carry Out Corrective Actions and Monitor Progress

Make Effective Decisions and Prevention Planning

  • Make Effective Decisions
  • Prevent a Problem

Solve Complex Problems

  • Apply Complex Problem-Solving Process
  • Apply The 5 Whys Method

Improve Creativity Skills

  • Improve Creativity Through Brainstorming
  • Achieve the Impossible” Method
  • Association Method

Apply Problem-Solving and Creative Thinking Skills

  • Overcome Barriers to Creativity
  • Sharpen Your Intuitive Thinking
  • Put Creative Skills into Action

Integrate Learning and Plan for Action

  • Integrating problem solving with quality improvement activities
  • Enhancing quality assurance and quality control processes
  • Action planning to reduce production rejects and customer complaints

At the conclusion of the session, you will learn how to:
o Avoid decisions and problems that are revisited or re-worked again and again
o Address workplace problems swiftly and effectively
o Define the root cause of the problem using a systemic process
o Involve other employees and managers in the problem-solving and decision-making process
o Generate innovative ideas with speed and efficiency
o Utilize various strategies and information to make high quality decisions
o Win support for your ideas and decisions

Course Leader

Cdr (Rrd) Ir. Raymond Swa is the Principal Consultant/Director of Guan Institute Sdn Bhd and Purchasing Manager of Maritime Consortium Management Sdn Bhd. Prior to serving the private sector, he was serving in the Royal Malaysian Navy as a marine engineer for 20 years, where he held various positions as follows:

  • As Chief Engineer onboard warships – 2 tours of total 4 years
  • As Superintending Engineer for ship repairs in shipyards – 3 tours of total 5 years
  • As Superintending Engineer for new shipbuilding in South Korea – 2 years
  • As Inspectorate Engineer for ship inspections – 2 ½ years
  • As Head of Technical Training of Royal Malaysian Navy – 3 ½ years

Cdr Raymond is a Professional Engineer registered with the Board of Engineers, Malaysia. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and a post graduate certificate in Marine Engineering from Royal Naval Engineering College, Manadon, England. He is also a graduate of the International Training Methodology course conducted by National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN). He is a corporate member of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia.

Apart from his formal duties, Cdr Raymond has also been involved in the accreditation scheme of the National Skill Certificate programmes as external verifier (appointed by National Vocational Training Council) for the following institutions:

  • Institut Latihan Perindustrian Perai
  • Pusat Giat Mara Machang Bubok, Seberang Perai
  • Institut Kemahiran Tinggi Belia Negara, Sepang\
  • Institut Teknologi Tun Hussein Onn, Batu Pahat

Actively involved in quality improvement in both engineering and training management, Cdr Raymond carries out training and development programmes in the areas of managerial development, quality drive, supervisory skills, occupational health and safety, fire safety, problem solving techniques and team building.


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